6 June 2016
JJ Wondo

Electoral dynamics in the DRC: Socio-­economic and security dimensions – Egmont Institute – Panel discussion

RVI/PSRP and Egmont Institute Panel discussion  
19 May 2016

2016 DRC election : Matter of how to avoid an overstayed Joseph Kabila – Ishiaba Kasonga

2016 DRC election : Matter of how to avoid an overstayed Joseph Kabila By Ishiaba Kasonga In the case of DRC, Political statements such as support of electoral process, sanctions and suspension of international aids are not enough to put pressure and to stop Joseph Kabila’s clinging on power as these […]
16 March 2016
Lucha Rebecca

DR Congo: Free Youth Activists and political prisoners

DR Congo: Free Youth Activists One Year Since Fred Bauma, Yves Makwambala Detained (Kinshasa, March 15, 2016) – Congolese authorities should immediately and unconditionally release two activists who were arrested one year ago during a pro-democracy youth workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Human Rights Watch said today. Fred Bauma […]
11 February 2016
Roth Kabila Sawyer

Opinion : Time Has Not Run Out in DR Congo – Ida Sawyer

Dispatches: Time Has Not Run Out in DR Congo Ida Sawyer Senior Researcher, Democratic Republic of Congo (HRW) FEBRUARY 10, 2016  The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee is due to hold a hearing today on “good governance” in central Africa, something this troubled region desperately lacks. The timing could […]
13 January 2016
Eco système-Virunga


“JOSEPH KABILA’S” MASS ECO-ATROCITIES THAT COP21 SHOULD NOT IGNORE By Ishiaba Kasonga Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) -a country of great environmental value with one of the world’s remaining intact forest that accounts for more than half of Africa’s forest- is ecologically under sustained and constant threats because it is no nation-state.    A Call […]
22 December 2015

Congo-Kinshasa : Que cache cet acharnement pour le dialogue ? – Jean-Bosco Kongolo

Congo-Kinshasa : Que cache cet acharnement pour le dialogue ? Par Jean-Bosco Kongolo Il avait peut-être raison, celui qui a dit qu’ « en guerre comme en amour, pour en finir, il faut se voir de près. » Oui, mais dans ces deux cas différents, les résultats attendus ne peuvent pas être les mêmes. […]


The decryption by Boniface Musavuli on French television KTO TV

Decryption in the Churches of World with Boniface Musavuli, Congolese political analyst and activist of Human Rights and Desc ; On the massacres in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the security crisis in this part of the country, crystallized political news around the end of the term of President Kabila and the electoral process, as well as 'the role of the Catholic Church ...

Jean Jacques Wondo present his second book in Toronto

Interview with Author Jean Jacques Wondo Omanyundu presenting his second book "The Armed Forces of DR Congo: irreformable army? "Toronto, January 3, 2015. The author is a political analyst and consultant specializing in socio-political and security issues in the DRC

Jean-Jacques Wondo discuss the news of the DRC.

Jean-Jacques Wondo talks with Pastor Bobo on several issues the news of the Democratic Republic of Congo. An interview in French and Lingala brings particular light on the encounter of Goree, which continues to do much ink and saliva, the Citizen Front in 2016 and on certain issues relating to the security of the DRC.

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